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Remember the holiday pictures Avery and Nolan took at school the other week? Well, we had a do-over at our house over Thanksgiving weekend in an effort to put together a holiday card.

If I had paid actual money to get these pictures taken, I think I would have shed a tear. Our son was as squirrely as all get out and had to literally be chased around the room. Here are some Nolan highlights:

{Actual quote during shoot: Nolan, please get off the dining room table.}

Avery, on the other hand, took sheer delight in being “the good one” and really went over the top for the camera. Like, WAAAY over the top.

{I just told her to look at an ornament – not look like she just found out her husband wasn’t coming home from war.}

Here’s where we netted out:

All in all, not half bad for a job I did myself.

And I love that See See made the card this year.

Happy Holidays to you all!