33.33% Life Crisis


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A 33.33% Life Crisis is a period of self-reflection among the crowd that is too old to be suffering from a Quarter-life Crisis {What am I supposed to DO with my life?} and too young to be suffering from a Mid-life Crisis {What have I DONE with my life?}. I thought I was all awesome for coming up with this term, but just Googled it and other people have thought of it before. Like, 119,000 results worth.

So the bottom line is that I’m going through a 33.33% Life Crisis and I’m clearly not original.

When I was 22, I wanted to have a successful career in advertising because I saw Picture Perfect once {not all goals have good reasons}. I wanted to find someone to spend the rest of my life with and start a family. I wanted to move to a big city out West so I could escape the cold.

Over the past decade-plus I moved across the country, started a career in advertising, got married, bought a house, got promoted, had a baby, got promoted, bought a new house, had another baby and got promoted again.

I achieved all the goals I had when I was 22, but I’m afraid I accidentally forgot to make new ones.

This terrifies me to say.┬áThat’s because I expect some backlash and awkward silence from some of my fellow Type A friends. The friends of mine that are training for marathons, starting new businesses, writing books, traveling the world and climbing the corporate ladder in companies much more vertical than mine. {These aren’t all one friend, by the way. We wouldn’t be friends if that was the case.} The kind of friends that post shit like this on Pinterest:

Dreams Not Big Enough

Also, my boss reads this blog. And some of my clients. Hi, guys! I forgot to make a goal! Glad I’m on your team?

Lately I realized that my goals have been replaced with what my kid’s goals should be. Scoring 100% on a phonogram test. Nailing a dance performance. Not crying during swimming lessons. I need to find my own goals or these kids are going to have some serious issues.

The only thing I would put sweat and tears into achieving that I don’t already have is more time for me. Wow. That one surprised me. I typed ‘my kids’ and then deleted it.

I want more time for me to write on this blog. To take a yoga class. To take an art class. To start a book club. To take a walk. To take a nap.

My dream is to take a nap. How’s that for reaching for the stars?

And I think I’m well on my way. As I was writing this post that ended up being a declaration of how I need more ‘me time’, I lost track of time and was 15 minutes late picking Avery up from dance. I’m just an overachiever. There’s no goal I can’t reach.